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Register of Play Therapists – All current BAPT Registered Qualified Play Therapists

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BAPT maintains a Voluntary Register of Play Therapists. This Register is Accredited by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) and is managed by BAPT in compliance with the standards set by the PSA for the operation of voluntary registers.

The PSA Accredited Register programme was set up to provide assurance on the standards of registers of unregulated health and care occupations. Accreditation by the PSA offers enhanced protection to those looking to use  Play Therapists services – Service users now have the option of seeking practitioners on a register that has been vetted and approved.

If you cannot find someone this may be because:

  • The person is no longer a BAPT member
  • The person is not a Registered member.
  • The person’s membership has been sanctioned or withdrawn by BAPT. Details of these can be found in our Professional Conduct Notices.

To Access the Register:

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This register details qualified Play Therapists who have met BAPT standards for practice, in terms of their education and training, professional practice, clinical supervision and continuing professional development.

Details of all of these standards can be found under the BAPT Section of this website.

BAPT registrants must demonstrate achievement of the BAPT Core Competences for Play Therapy and practice within the guidelines of the BAPT Ethical Basis for Good Practice in Play Therapy, within the Professional Conduct Policy. BAPT registered play therapists must also confirm each year that they are in good health, maintain fitness to practice and have current DBS clearance and public liability/ professional indemnity insurance.

Dual Registration

BAPT registered play therapists may also be registered members with other Professional organisations – for example with the Health Care Professions Council or the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Exceptional cirumstances

In exceptional circumstances a registrants name may be withheld from the public register, please see the policy for further details.  Exceptional Circumstances policy


Details of any member who has received a Sanction following a Complaints Process will also be available within the Register entry for that member. Where the Sanction has been completed this will also be indicated. Sanction information remains on the website for 12 months after completion. Please also refer to the BAPT Indicative Sanctions Policy

Individuals who have successfully completed a qualifying course in Play Therapy which is recognised and validated by BAPT will be eligible to apply for Full Membership provided they can produce documentary evidence of this, as well as evidence of a recent UK police check, written information relating to their supervision arrangements, and they reside in the UK.

Individuals who have trained overseas who are currently residing and working in the UK are also now eligible to apply for Full membership, via the BAPT Portfolio Route subject to evidence of equivalence of their professional training qualification, the provision of Embassy references and other criteria (see application document for specific requirements).

Individuals who have a Play Therapy Qualification from a course which is NOT accredited by BAPT and who are currently residing and working in the UK, can apply for Full membership via the Portfolio Route.