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Enhancing emotional well-being of children and young people through Play Therapy

Who is BAPT?

The British Association of Play Therapists was the first governing body to represent Play Therapists in the UK. We train and supervise our BAPT Registered Play Therapists® to the highest possible clinical standards.

BAPT Registered Play Therapists® often work in health, social, education and charitable organisations, in addition to running their own private businesses.

If you would like to know more about Play Therapy, read our What is Play Therapy page.

Please use our Find A Play Therapist page to locate one of our amazing practitioners near you!

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Find a Play Therapist

Are you looking for a BAPT Registered Play Therapist®? This page allows you to search for BAPT Registered Play Therapists, BAPT Approved Play Therapy Supervisors and Trainers, who are available in your local area.

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What is Play Therapy?

Play Therapy is an effective therapy based on the belief that children have an innate tendency to engage in play and that play is a natural way for them to communicate their thoughts, feelings, experiences and trauma, process and master painful or fearful experiences through the safety and psychological distance of play. Read more about how Play Therapy can help children and young people.

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As a part of the UK’s leading voice for Play Therapy, and by choosing BAPT, you will be demonstrating to professionals and the general public that you practise responsibly and professionally to high standards. Learn more about the different membership categories BAPT offers.

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For BAPT Registered members to access information, resources and news.

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Play Therapy Training

Find more information about BAPT Accredited training, taster days and short courses that will start you on your journey to becoming a BAPT Registered Play Therapist®.

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Play Therapist Jobs

Find more information on Play Therapist job opportunities within our profession.