Play Therapy One day course

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Introduction to Play Therapy

Play Therapy is an effective psychological treatment for a wide range of child mental health difficulties and stressful life experiences. Emerging from child psychotherapeutic practice and the humanistic psychology tradition, Play Therapy has existed as a distinct discipline since the 1940’s.

This one-day course will introduce you to Play Therapy, it is about playing, learning some of the skills play therapists use and putting these into practice.  This course will introduce you to the key aspects of play therapy practice. 

Participants will gain an understanding of the following:

  • The therapeutic relationship
  • How children communicate through the use of symbolic play and how to facilitate this
  • How change is promoted through attention to the child’s communication.

Please view the University of Roehampton Introduction to Play Therapy page for more information.

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Play Therapy Summer School

The Play Therapy summer school is an ideal course to learn and experience some of the theory and practical skills required for Child-Centred Play Therapy.

Participants who attend the 5-day summer school course will enhance both their understanding of children’s emotional and behavioural development and their skills in working with children and young people who experience difficulties.

This is mainly a workshop-based course, learning through practical and experiential experiences.  Participants will explore a variety of areas from Child-Centred Theory and how this is applied to play, using and understanding ‘Symbolic play’ through the use of different media when working with children. 

University of Roehampton says “Be prepared to Play!”

This course will be useful for other professionals working with children in a range of areas including Education, Social Work, Child Psychotherapy and Counselling and can serve as Continued Professional Development.  It can also be a gateway to application for the full course leading to qualification as a BAPT Registered Play Therapist®.

Please view the University of Roehampton Play Therapy Summer School page for more information.

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BAPT Foundation Course

This Foundation Course in Play Therapy is facilitated by a qualified and experienced BAPT Registered Play Therapist®.

The experiential activities and workshops allow participants an opportunity to explore and reflect on the process of Play Therapy on a personal level and form the core learning of the Foundation Course.

The practical components enable the participants to learn from theory that directly relates to their experience making connections and links to the theories that underpin Play Therapy.

This is a very practical course and participants can look forward to:

  • Taking part in group activities
  • Listening to seminars/lectures from visiting experts from different fields
  • Integrating workshop experiences which are part experiential and part seminar/lecture

Please note that whilst the emphasis of the workshops is on an educational not a therapeutic experience, students should be aware of potential tensions between their personal and professional responses and should be prepared for a degree of self-exposure.

Please view the University of Roehampton Play Therapy Foundation Course page for more information.

Post Qualifying Training and Events

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