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Becoming and Being A Play Therapist Book

For those of you who are not yet a Play Therapist, the first port of call for you might be to read our book, Becoming and Being A Play Therapist, available from online bookshops.

Becoming and Being a Play Therapist: Play Therapy in Practice presents a rich and illuminating account of current play therapy practice, with an emphasis on becoming and being a play therapist and on some of the varied clinical contexts in which play therapists work. Written by members of British Association of Play Therapists, this book highlights the current complexity of play therapy practice in the UK and reflects the expertise of the collected authors in working with emotional, behavioural and mental health challenges in children and young people.

Divided into three parts, the book is designed to build on and consolidate the principles and professional/personal competences of play therapy practice. Key topics include:

  • Training and establishing oneself as a play therapist in the UK, a comprehensive guide.
  • The improvisational practitioner; therapist responses to resistance and aggressive play.
  • Systemic considerations in play therapy with birth families and adopters; advantages and challenges.
  • Case-study based explorations of play therapy across a range of service user groups, including childhood trauma, bereavement and sexual abuse, and agency contexts, including school and CAMHS settings.

Becoming and Being a Play Therapist will be relevant both for play therapy trainees and for qualified play therapists as well as for related professionals.

This book literally takes you on the journey from applying and studying to becoming a Play Therapist and then onto discussions about themes you will need to consider in your professional practice. 

Journal of Play Therapy

The British Journal of Play Therapy is published annually by the British Association of Play Therapists (BAPT), is available free to all BAPT Full & Student members, and is purchased by libraries, organisations and individual subscribers worldwide.

The journal encourages contributions from a variety of research traditions. The British Journal of Play Therapy is pluralist in orientation, recognising the value of qualitative, quantitative and mixed method strategies of inquiry.

Play Therapy is an activity which constitutes a specialist domain of practice, and also functions as an adjunct to other occupational roles (for example in health, social services and education). The British Journal of Play Therapy carries papers that are of interest not only to members of BAPT, but also to members of other occupational groups using therapeutic play skills. The journal seeks to be relevant both to a core disciplinary constituency and also a broader interdisciplinary readership.


  • LISA GORDON CLARK – Formerly of University of Roehampton, London, England

Editorial Board

  • Dr SUE ELMER  – Leeds Trinity University, England
  • MAGGIE FEARN  – University of South Wales, Wales
  • TRACIE FAA-THOMPSON  – International Institute for Animal Assisted Play Therapy
  • Dr SUE JENNINGS  – NDP, Stratford-upon-Avon, England
  • MAGGIE PALMER  – South London & Maudsley Trust, London, England
  • Dr JUDI PARSON  – Deakin University, Australia
  • Dr SUE PATTISON  – University of Newcastle upon Tyne, England
  • Dr PAULA REED  – Formerly of University of Roehampton, England
  • DR VIRGINIA RYAN  – Formerly of University of York, England
  • Dr CHRIS WARREN-ADAMSON  – Formerly of Universities of Sussex and Southampton

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