Member Resources and templates

Member Resources and Templates

This page contains various resources for BAPT members, including forms, templates, policy and procedure documents.  There is also information on subjects that practicing BAPT members will find useful. 

BAPT Leaflets

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Foreign Language leaflets

These are downloadable information sheets about Play Therapy for parents who have English as an additional language

BAPT What is Play Therapy Hindi leaflet for parents
BAPT What is Play Therapy Japanese leaflet for parents
BAPT What is Play Therapy Polish leaflet for parents
BAPT What is Play Therapy Spanish leaflet for parents
BAPT What is Play Therapy Portuguese leaflet for parents
BAPT What is Play Therapy Greek leaflet for parents
BAPT What is Play Therapy Arabic Leaflet for parents

BAPT Example Forms, Policies and Procedures

Please find below examples of forms that you can use for consent, assessment, referrals and Health and Safety procedures.

Consent Checklist
Consent policy
Draft consent form 1
Draft consent form 2
Draft consent form 3
BAPT Referral form
BAPT Assessment form
BAPT Privacy Statement
BAPT Health and Safety Procedures for Toys, Equipment and Sand Trays
BAPT Information Audit for Play Therapists
BAPT Monitoring Form
Strength and Difficulties Questionnaire form – Use the Youth in Mind website to score the SDQ

Please find below guidance for good practice.

BAPT Workload and Supervision Guide

Employment Criteria for Students

In order to ensure the well-being needs of both the child client and the student:

  • All students are required to have successfully completed 100 hours placement, 50 hours supervision at a ratio of 2 hours clinical practice to 1 hour supervision, and all academic requirements prior to accepting any paid employment.
  • Students may apply for BAPT Full Membership following the Examinations Board prior to receiving the Award Certificate from the University. Once they have been accepted for Full Membership, students may begin paid employment.
  • Supervision hours required would be 6 hours clinical practice to 1 hour supervision as per the first year post qualifying ratio.

Please note:

Any paid work undertaken by students that does not adhere to these guidelines would not be covered by the BAPT complaints procedure and the child would not be protected by the PSA registration.

Working with Adopted Children


The law says you cannot provide counselling on adoption matters without registering or being an individual contractor for a registered adoption or adoption support agency or for a local authority adoption agency.

If you are a counsellor, you will need to register as an adoption support agency if you intend to provide a service to adults, children or families who need counselling around adoption issues. This can include counselling about adoption issues for someone who was adopted as a child or who had their child adopted.

You do not have to register if an adoption-related issue only emerges after counselling begins and is not the primary concern or focus.

If during counselling it becomes clear that a matter related to adoption is the client’s main focus, you should make their right to access adoption support services clear and consider referring them to a registered adoption support agency.

Ofsted aims to take a reasonable and proportionate approach to enforcement action. The purpose of the regulations is not to disrupt established therapeutic relationships but to make sure that those who provide this specialised service are suitably qualified and regulated.

You may wish to seek legal advice and/or advice from someone registered to provide adoption support services.

For more information please read the guidance ‘Introduction to adoption support agencies’.

DBS For Self-Employed Therapists

DBS Services, contact number 07500334404, email

Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

ICO self-assessment – find out if you need to register