Protecting the Public

Protecting the Public

We ensure client safety and enhance public confidence in the Play Therapy profession through the promotion of safe, ethical, and competent practice.

Raising Professional Standards

We elevate standards across the Play Therapy profession by providing resources and services to help our members maintain effective practice. We also develop competencies and ethical standards to improve training for BAPT Play Therapy students and BAPT Registered Play Therapists®. For more information please read our Professional Practice page.

Maintaining a Public Register

Our Register lists BAPT Registered Play Therapist® professionals who meet our high standards in training, supervision, and ethical practice. Choosing a practitioner from our Register assures clients of their therapist’s proficiency and ethical standards. For more information on our Register please read our Register of Play Therapists.

Supporting Clients with Concerns

Our confidential service offers guidance to clients with concerns about their Play Therapy or BAPT Registered Play Therapist®, providing answers and advice on next steps. If you have any concerns please complete our feedback form.

Investigating Complaints

Our Professional Conduct Procedure addresses complaints about our members, taking action to protect the public and uphold the profession’s reputation.

If a complaint is upheld, the Registrant may be suspended and issued sanctions that must be complied with before the suspension is lifted. For very serious complaints, the Registrant will be removed from the Register. All sanctions will be published in the Professional Conduct Notices below.

We recognise the balance between transparency and fairness regarding expired sanctions. BAPT believes the fitness to practice process aims to ensure competence, not to punish. A Registrant with an expired sanction is deemed fit to practice. For more information please review BAPT’s Professional Practice Policies.

Professional Conduct Notices

We publish details of all upheld complaints under the Professional Conduct Procedure when it is deemed necessary for public protection. The following is a list of current disciplinary outcomes, interim orders and final sanctions applicable to BAPT members.

Disciplinary Outcomes

None (updated 27/05/24)

Interim Orders

None (updated 27/05/24)

Final Sanctions

None (updated 27/05/24)

COMPLAINT: Professional Conduct Procedure Process Chart

complaints flowchart scaled