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All categories of membership  are due for Renewal on 1st October –  emails  will be sent to all current members by 17th September. Please remember that payment of the fee alone doesn’t automatically renew your Membership, you must complete a renewal form and return it by post or e-mail by the date on the form.

Full Members Supervision Hours confirmation

BAPT Members should keep a record of Supervision hours to comply with BAPT CPD requirements.

Please submit your supervisor’s signature/confirmation of Supervision hours AT THE SAME TIME as the renewal form i.e. either completed on the form itself, or as an attachment to the form (a copy of an email from your supervisor confirming the hours etc, or if you use a form/log to record sessions that can be submitted) BUT PLEASE ENSURE THIS IS SENT TO US WITH YOUR RENEWAL FORM either by post or email. (This will help us to reduce our admin time significantly)

We will not be able to process any forms without the appropriate Supervisors Confirmation, this will delay your membership being processed, and may result in the deadline being missed.

Renewal Forms

Full Member form (website)

Student Renewal Form

Retired renewal form

Approved Supervisors Renewal

FMR001 Full membership renewal fee
+ Paypal process fee


Price: £162.00

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SMR001 Student membership renewal fee
+ Paypal process fee


Price: £39.00

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Retired Members renewal fee
+ Paypal process fee


Price: £37.00

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Approved Supervisors renewal fee
+ Paypal process fee


Price: £32.00

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20th & 21st March- Birmingham



Please remember that PSA Accreditation means that BAPT is Accredited as a register holder and that requires individual members to follow PSA Guidance on what this means as an individiual, please  click the following link: What does it mean for BAPT Members to be on a Professional Standards Authority accrediated register
Downloadable joint logo is available here: PSA-BAPT logo’s

PSA Accreditation Renewal
We are currently engaged in the re-accreditation process for this year, which again whilst not an onorous task, is a time consiuming one for an already busy group of people. We’ll keep you updated on the outcome!

The Professional Standards Authority have produced a promotional video called ‘Let’s Work Together’ which is now available to use and publish to promote the PSA and our register. The video makes direct reference to Play Therapy as a profession and could be very helpful in demonstrating the quality assurance that being on an accredited register brings. Please feel free to spread the word. Click below for the link:

Family concerns Play Therapy
A number of Members have been in contact with us regarding contact being made by this organisation asking if they would like to advertise in a magazine – If you are thinking of advertising as a Play Therapist in a magazine or directory you should always ask for details of circulation and a couple of past copies (most can send these electronically). You should also contact a couple of the advertisers to check out whether the service received has been satisfactory. We advise members to always ask to see artwork before it goes into the magazine so you can proof and do not pay up front – wait until you have been sent a printed copy of the magazine/directory with your advert in.


CRB/DBS for Private Practice
For members who are in private practice, details of how to obtain a CRB/DBS as an individual are available here” other organisations that offer individual CRB/DBS appplications are also available – just type DBS/CRB for individuals into your search engine.

The Members Area is available to Full, Student and Retired Members. All such members will be automatically sent an access password via the email address they have on record. Access to this area expires if you do not renew your BAPT membership each year.

Please help us to make this area fulfil your needs by providing feedback on:

What would you like it to contain?

Would a chat room/bulletin board be a valuable extra for members? (would you envisage using it to have onsite debates/exchanges of practice ideas with your colleagues?)

What about links to relevant suppliers (E.G. Of therapeutic books/toys)?

Would an online newsfeed service be of interest to you whereby you could track up-to-the-minute media references to play therapy, children’s mental health, etc?

Your feedback will help us to tailor the site to your needs & ensure members’ money is not wasted on services that will not be utilised. Please have your say!