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General Enquiries: Please refer any general enquiries to our BAPT office either by letter, phone or email.

Office Address
The British Association of Play Therapists
1, Beacon Mews,
South Road,
Surrey KT13 9DZ

Office Telephone: 01932 828638

Fax: 01932 820100



Subject Enquiries

ADVERTISING ENQUIRIES Including advertising costs, print deadlines and advertising terms and conditions…
Contact Janet in the office or Magazine Editor

BRITISH JOURNAL OF PLAY THERAPY ENQUIRIES Including Journal subscriptions, paper submissions and any any other related Journal issues…
Contact Journal Editor

COMMUNICATION AND PUBLIC RELATIONS ENQUIRIES Including Play Therapy information for parents/carers, professionals and any other related communications and public relation issues…
Contact BAPT Communications and PR Sub-Committee

COMPLAINTS AND PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT ISSUES Including formal complaints and professional conduct issues…
Contact BAPT Complaints Committee

CONFERENCE ENQUIRIES Including Conference enquiries, registration, workshop/lecture proposals and any other issue relating to Play Therapy conferences…
Contact BAPT Conference Sub-Committee

FINANCE AND RESOURCES ENQUIRIES Including finance, resource and budgetary issues…
Contact BAPT Finance and Resources Sub-Committee

MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION ENQUIRIES Including any issues and queries relating to membership applications…
Contact Membership Secretary

MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL ENQUIRIES – Including any issues and queries relating to membership renewals…
Contact BAPT Renewals Team

PLAY THERAPY MAGAZINE ENQUIRIES Including Magazine subscriptions, article submissions and any any other related Magazine issues…
Contact Magazine Editor:

PRACTICE ISSUES AND REGULATION ENQUIRIES Including any current or proposed practice regulations relating to Play Therapy practice and any issues relating to BAPT’s application to join the Professional Standards Agency …
Contact BAPT Professional Practice

RESEARCH ENQUIRIES Including any issues relating to past, current or future Play Therapy research…
Contact BAPT Research Sub-Committee

TRAINING AND EDUCATION ENQUIRIES Including the accreditation of Play Therapy and Supervision training, approval of Play Therapy Supervisors and full members Continuing Professional Development (CPD)…
Contact BAPT Training and Education Sub-Committee

BAPT WEBSITE ENQUIRIES Including website content, links to and from BAPT website…

BAPT WEBSITE TECHNICAL PROBLEMS Including members’ area password difficulties, problems with the on-line registers and any other related technical issues…
Contact BAPT Webmaster


Specific Contacts (since AGM 2019)


Chairperson: Ruth Lazarus


Treasurer: Jenny Harrison


Membership (Applications) Secretary: Audrey Lee


Membership (Renewals) Secretary:


Conference Manager: currently co-ordinated by Janet Steel


PLAY THERAPY Magazine Editor: Nina Ridsdale


British Journal of Play Therapy Editor: Lisa Gordon Clark


Training and Education Sub-Committee Chairperson:


Communications and PR Sub-Committee Chair: Lynne Borrowdale


Research Sub-Committee co-ordinator: Sue Elmer


Professional Practice sub-committee Chairperson:  please send any queries to

reviewed September 2019