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PSA Statement April 2017

May 2, 2017

The Professional Standards Authority have just released the following statement in response to a strong request to encourage employers to recognise practitioners on a PSA Accredited Register and the registers themselves:

April 2017

Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care recommends you only choose practitioners who are regulated or on an accredited register

  1. 1.1  The Professional Standards Authority promotes the health, safety and wellbeing of patients, service users and the public by raising standards of regulation and registration of people working in health and care. We are an independent body, accountable to the UK Parliament.
  2. 1.2  We oversee the work of nine statutory bodies that regulate health professionals in the UK and social workers in England. We review the regulators’ performance and audit and scrutinise their decisions about whether people on their registers are fit to practise. We also set standards for organisations holding voluntary registers for people in unregulated health and care occupations and accredit those organisations that meet our Standards. We do this so that the public, employers and commissioners can choose practitioners from registers that we have independently vetted and approved.
  3. 1.3  Accredited registers meet our demanding standards including protecting the public, governance, education and training, risk management and complaints handling. Practitioners on accredited registers:
    •   Meet approved levels of education and training and continuing professional development
    •   Sign up to codes of conduct and competence
    •   Are subject to disciplinary procedures if something goes wrong.
  4. 1.4  Accredited registers provide a safety net. A practitioner who is struck off one accredited register (or by a regulator) may not simply join another accredited register.

2. Recommendation

  1. 2.1  When using practitioners who do not have to be registered by law, we recommend choosing them from Accredited Registers wherever possible. All accredited registers have passed our assessment against the same standards and so all may be used with confidence.
  2. 2.2  Practitioners on accredited registers work in a variety of settings, including the NHS, local authorities, voluntary sector and in private practice.
  3. 2.3  You will find a list of all Accredited Registers and their occupations on our website, which provides links to individual registers to search for practitioners. Please check that practitioners are on these registers before seeing, employing or commissioning them.


    The Authority does not promote or endorse any particular treatment or therapy. It does not comment on the efficacy of the interventions practised by Accredited Register practitioners. Further information about the Accredited Registers programme can be found on the Authority’s website or by contacting the Accreditation team by phone (0207 389 8037) or email (