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BAPT VIRTUAL Conference 2021 – 24th & 25th September

Exploring racial diversity and developing cultural competence in therapeutic practice.

2 days of Keynote presentations, workshops and discussion.

Welcome to our second virtual conference!  Last year’s conference was a great success, enabling us to engage a wider audience, both nationally and internationally. We obviously love our face-to-face conferences; they are a great way for us to all to spend time getting to know one another and learning together. We had hoped to be in a position to create a unique conference this year, blending together face to face experiences as well as virtual elements. Unfortunately, the pandemic has made this impossible but we live in hope that it will be something that we can achieve in 2022. 

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Conference Schedule: Day One, Friday 24th September

Cross Cultural Play Therapy for Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples

– Dr Judi Parson, Kate Renshaw and Rhianna Brickle

Working With Diversity And Creativity

– Myira Khan

An Interactive Exploration

– Dee Morrison

One Hand Can’t Clap

– Louise Worrall and Lee Evans

Conference Schedule: Day Two, Saturday 25th September

“Who’d Have Thought An Elephant In The Room Would Be So Hard To Spot? Identifying And Holding Discomfort In The Therapeutic Context As We Challenge Professional Bias In Anti-Racist Practice”

– Claire Niven

“The Messier The Merrier – Tackling Mess Through A Different Lens”

– Maha Ghazale

“Beyond Cultural Competency: Helping Play Therapists Practice Cultural Humility”

– Kadesha Adelakun

The Challenge of Talking About Race and Racism: An Active Exploration.

– Stella Taiwo and Catriona Ross

Bonus Content

Group Discussion: Our personal and professional experiences of racial issues and cultural diversity in Play Therapy.

Facilitated by Keme Nzerem

NEW – To help spread the cost we are able to offer a payment plan for instalments through to November 2021 – please email to enquire.