BAPT: Quality Assurance for Play Therapy



The British Association of Play Therapists (BAPT) was set up in 1992 to draw up codes of practice and conduct for Play Therapists and employers, to establish a register of Play Therapists and to regulate Play Therapy training.

The professional title of 'Play Therapist' is not currently a protected title. Employers are advised to check carefully the use of professional titles and ensure that they are satisfied with employees' training and experience.

Organisations that employ persons not registered by BAPT, but who use the term 'Play Therapist' will not be covered by BAPT's regulations and standards.

Use BAPT registered play therapists - it will benefit your organisation

Commitment to staff: Having a BAPT registered Play therapist demonstrates your commitment to high standards of service delivery and shows your staff that you value their skills and commitment. Being able to tell candidates about your support for registration will help you to attract high calibre staff.

Commitment to service users and carers: By employing BAPT registered Play Therapists, you are demonstrating the importance you place on providing high standards of service and protection to service users and their carers. Whether you are an NHS department, local authority service, a voluntary organisation or an employment agency, this is a vital message in promoting your services.

Keep on the right side of the codes and regulations: Employing a BAPT registered Play Therapist offers you confidence that their practice and conduct will be governed by BAPT standards of care and afford appropriate protection to the general public.

Play therapists who trained and qualified outside the UK: Some organisations employ Play Therapists who obtained their qualification outside the UK. Anybody working as a Play Therapist with a non-UK qualification should also have to be registered with us. However, we will want to ensure that their qualification is equivalent to a UK qualification. This means Play Therapists who qualified outside the UK will need to complete a different registration application form from those who qualified in the UK. BAPT is currently re-developing its registration process for Play Therapists who obtained their qualification outside the UK.

Play Therapy Standards

Regulating practice and conduct is a key element to the work of the British Association of Play Therapists (BAPT).

Registered Play Therapists agree to abide by the Ethical Basis for Good Practice in Play Therapy as a condition of their registration. The Ethical Basis for Good Practice in Play Therapy is the benchmark of good practice for all BAPT registered Play Therapists. Clinical supervision from an experienced Play Therapist is a BAPT requirement for good practice. Play Therapists who breach the codes of practice could be removed from the register through the complaints procedure.

Guidance for Employers

1. Check employees and applicants registration status: Employers can access the on-line British Register of Play Therapists to check play therapists registration status.

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2. Draft Job Description: Access and download a draft Play Therapist's job description.

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3. Guidance on Play Therapy Salary Scales: Access details of Play Therapy standards for pay and benefits.

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4. Practice Standards: Download workload guidance that relate to the effective delivery of high quality Play Therapy services.

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5. Clinical Supervision Details: Access and download details of the clinical supervision requirement for Play Therapists.

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6. Continuing Professional Development: Access details of the continuing professional development requirement for Play Therapists.

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7. Consultation and Advice: Contact BAPT to receive advice and guidance on all issues relating to Play Therapy in the UK.

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Further Information